90% of real estate buyers are now searching online for properties. Your listing not only needs to be online but also needs to be advertised in magazines and papers that ideal buyers will look at. Here are 5 things a listing needs to have:

Photos. Listings with photographs attract more attention than those without, and often sell more quickly.

Details. Photos attract buyers, but the details sell the property. Today’s buyers want information in the listing that will help them decide if they would like to call you or move on.

Location. (Online, that is.) In order to make sure your land listings are found online by active land buyers, you need to be in the right location.

Appeal to the ideal buyer. Anticipating the potential buyer allows you to customize your listing to appeal to that buyer.

Be patient. Online listings help you to reach more buyers, in more locations, more hours of the day. However, selling land can take time. Many land buyers will research properties for weeks or even months before contacting the seller. Keep your online listing current and fresh (with new photos and/or information), consider whether your price is competitive, but keep on marketing the property. You never know when that right buyer will come along.